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IRO workshop 2 | Lund, Sweden
TEH Camp Meeting 92 | Bratislava, Slovakia
TEH Camp Meeting 88 | Timisoara, Romania

Heart, head 
and hand

How you experience your working reality – whether something inspires you or drains you – depends on the outside world on the one hand, your working context, or “the system”. And on the other hand, it depends on your frame of reference, how you interpret and make sense of your context. Both external context and internal interpretation mutually influence each other over time.

The question is – which side should we focus on?
When we look at the working context of cultural workers, there seem to be a million factors that influence their spark. The organisational structure of the centre, leadership style, financial stability, age of the centre, personality structure, identification with the centre’s purpose, and so on. Moreover, every cultural centre is situated in a different socio-political context. So, how can we find a way to support cultural workers to keep their spark alive that works regardless of the context?

That is what we are here to do and we do it through our action research, workshops, interventions and publications. Like the one you can download here.

Our Penguins

Project Developers

Shawn Antoni Wright
Studied fine arts in Wales while earning his money by laying train tracks. He has learned about the relationship between structure and movement during a life of martial arts. After earning big money but little meaning in China he decided to move to Czech Republic and work for Cooltour to find out if more meaning and less money would make him a happier person. Five years and many Budweisers later he then followed his girlfriend to Innsbruck and luckily found a job in Die Bäckerei - Kulturackstube. In the penguin project he is responsible for idea and concept development, field research and for the beautiful design and illustrations you are looking at.

Florian Cope-Ladstätter
Prepared himself for the challenge of the penguin project by doing a PhD in social sciences. Whilst struggling with his PhD he came in contact with Die Bäckerei - Kulturbackstube and a new world unfolded. All of a sudden there was chaos and so much potential for contribution and self-efficacy. For the last nine years Florian has worked in this ever changing ecosystem that is Die Bäckerei in many different ways. It still is an enigma and that is what keeps him motivated. In the penguin project he is responsible for idea and concept development, field research and for all the beautiful words you are reading here.

Shawn Antoni Wright

Die Bäckerei - Kulturbackstube

Florian Cope-Ladstätter

Die Bäckerei - Kulturbackstube, Austria

Hanna Olson

TEH central office

Gabriella Riccio

from L'Asilo in Naples

Guna Datava

Institute for Environmental Solutions in Cesis, Latvia

Jana Ryšlavá

MOVE FEST, Czech Rep

Zuzana Psotková

Tabačka Kulturfabrik, Slovakia

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