We are launching a training program

Welcome to the Train the Trainer program from the penguin project.
In this training program you will be accompanied for a year whilst you develop new ways to understand your motivations, context and ability to influence your working culture towards a fair and rewarding relationship of mutual growth.

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The Train the Trainer Program

The objective of the “Train the Trainer” program is to disseminate the penguin methods and tools to enable formal and informal peer-to-peer learning in the independent cultural sector. For that purpose the program brings together a group of 10 cultural workers from all over Europe for a 10 month learning journey. During the program this group of penguin trainees (you could be one of them) will learn about the theoretical underpinnings and the method of the penguin project. But most importantly they will apply the penguin tools in practice and learn how to make their own and their centres working culture more sustainable.

We hope that after the program our graduates will stay in contact with the penguin project and - through working with various cultural centres - contribute to a more sustainable working culture throughout the independent cultural sector.

During the program we will

The train the trainer program consists of

Program Itinerary

Online Introduction Workshop - 11 January 2023
We will start things off with a half-day online introduction workshop to introduce the basic ideas of the penguin project and give an orientation about the rest of the program.

Three-day Opening Workshop - 18-22 January 2023
At the opening workshop at Die Bäckerei - Kulturbackstube we will jump into the deep end. First, we will study the ideas behind the penguin project in depth, then we’ll apply the tools to our own working situation and learn through self-reflection. Second, we will also learn how to work with the penguin method in our own working context, meaning how to work with individual colleagues and teams. Sharing experiences and discussing methods and insights with other trainees will widen and deepen our understanding. We will put an emphasis on experience design and co-creation, meaning the workshop will be as immersive as possible - combining storytelling, acting, acrobatics, haptics and kinesthetics into one experience.

Practical Application Phase - Date TBD
After the opening workshop, you will go back home with a set of shiny new penguin tools and apply them in practice back at your workplace. This is where the actual learning through experience will happen. During a 10-month period you will work with the penguin method, learn about its effect on the working culture of you and your team and develop a deep understanding of the challenges and possible interventions.
To support you in your learning process, discuss experiences and tackle problems we will host online exchange and supervision sessions every month.
During this phase we will also start building up an online platform that will document the experiences and learnings we make during the period. This will serve as a knowledge base to which we can come back later for ideas and further reading.

Closing Workshop - Date TBD
Finally, after 10 months, we will all meet again at Die Bäckerei for a final reflection and closing workshop. The workshop will focus on pooling together our individual experiences and distilling insights and learnings. We will perform a very formal and dramatic closing ceremony and celebration of the successful completion of the first penguin ‘Train the Trainer’ program.
But the penguin journey will have just begun.

How you can join?

The registration form is open now. Deadline to apply by 30 November 2022.

Meet Our Trainers

Florian Cope-Ladstätter

Prepared himself for the challenge of the penguin project by doing a PhD in social sciences and also working in Die Bäckerei - Kulturbackstube for eight years. He loves his little son Rowan, reading books, but also rockclimbing for some reason. In the penguin project he is responsible for idea and concept development, field research and for all the beautiful words you are reading here.

Shawn Antoni Wright

Studied fine arts in Wales while earning his money by laying train tracks. He has learned about the relationship between structure and movement during a life of martial arts. After earning big money but little meaning in China he decided to move to Czech Republic and work for Cooltour to find out if more meaning and less money would make him a happier person. Five years and many Budweisers later he then followed his girlfriend to Innsbruck and luckily found a job in Die Bäckerei - Kulturbackstube. In the penguin project he is responsible for idea and concept development, field research and for the beautiful design and illustrations you are looking at.

Jana Ryšlavá

Freelance artist based in Czech Republic. After graduating from the SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, she devoted herself to teaching at Janáček’s Conservatory and developing the movement approach of AcroPartnering. She uses it to research different approaches of dance and circus and connect the circus and dance community. She believes that dance belongs to public spaces to open dialog with our audience. As the founder of MOVE Ostrava, she curates the MOVE Fest festival. “For me, the Penguin project is actually psycho hygiene for cultural workers. My focus is in the body and also the connection of art and creation.

Margit Liebhart

Is a partner at the Salzburg office of Trigon Entwicklungsberatung. She has been working as an organisational development consultant since 2010 and will contribute her rich experience in this field to the penguin project. Margit thrives for accompanying people and groups through developmental journeys along their real questions. This urge to get to the bottom of things and start working from there is what connects her to the penguin project. Together with her partner she has four kids and their house is full of life. Balancing out the different nourishing aspects of life is what she enjoys most these days.

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