TEH Camp Meeting 92

Nová Cvernovka - Bratislava

This event was the unveiling of our 2 years of research and development on how to keep your spark alive working in culture. For us it was about delivering a resource to the network that people could get their hands on, as well as opening up our project to everyone. We did this by launching our website and giving away our book.

The workshop was about taking concepts from our book, turning them into fun shared experiences to then reflect on in a work context. In practice that meant using found objects to playfully build and experience our metaphors, like making a ridge to traverse in order to explore the role/function of consequence, risk and reward.

After we came back together and discussed what these metaphors revelled about where we are charged and drained at work. We dug a little deeper using questions from our book and worked on what we could do to manage our spark.

We want to keep conversations of the experience of working in culture going, workshops like this help to create that space which we hope will continue to live on in the centres of our attendees. We believe that creating the space for these kind of conversations are important elements for a sustainable career in culture.