This exercise encourages participants to engage in active and mindful listening, fostering a deeper understanding of one another.

This exercise provides an opportunity to experience 3 levels of listening. It is designed to cultivate effective listening skills through the exploration of curiosity, compassion, and courage. By focusing on distinct aspects of the communication process, participants will unlock new insights and promote connection.
Furthermore, for the speaker this exercise is a great opportunity to get really in depth feedback for an idea or problem.

Learning Goals

  1. Have a clear understanding of what it means to listen with an open mind, open heart and open will
  2. and how the three levels differ from each other
The Practice of the 3Cs of listening

This needs 4 people, one speaker and 3 listeners. Note books and a quite space also.


Step one

Person A (Speaker) Talks (3-5 minutes):

Express your thoughts, ideas, or experiences for a few minutes.

Step Two

Person B (Listener) - Focus on "Curiosity" (What does the person think?):

Listen attentively without judgment, seeking to understand the speaker's thoughts and gathering factual information.

After Person A finishes, mirror back essential facts observed during the talk (1 minute).

Person C (Listener) - Focus on "Compassion" (How does the person feel?):

Listen empathetically, paying attention to emotions and feelings conveyed by the speaker.

Reflect back essential observations and feelings without interpretation (1 minute).

Person D (Listener) - Focus on "Courage" (What is the intention of the person?):

Delve into the deeper intentions, clarity, commitment, and potential future implications behind the speaker's words.

Mirror back the degree of clarity, commitment, and future potential perceived (1 minute).

Feedback Session

When Person A stops talking, Persons B, C, and D provide feedback on their specific focus (Curiosity, Compassion, Courage).

Participants should only share observations related to their listening focus.

Closing Reflection (Person A):
Person A briefly reacts to the feedback received from Persons B, C, and D, acknowledging and sharing insights or reactions.